At the ISB Assessment is the celebration of achievement. All assessment is used to inform the learning process. It is often individual and a range of assessments: both are used across all subjects.


Formalised standardised assessment takes place in the following way.

ACER International Schools' Assessment (ISA):

A standardised test with international bench marking in Maths, Reading and Writing from Grades 3 through 10.


ACER International Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PATScience):

This is administered in Grade 8 and Grade 10, indicating progress, and is benchmarked internationally.


Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE):

An externally set and marked examination across all the main subjects, taken at the end of Grade 10.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP):

There are both internal and external elements to IBDP assessment, some of which are supervised and monitored by staff then externally moderated. For a fuller explanation please refer to IB Diploma.


CollegeBoard Standard Aptitude Test (SAT):

This is administered on a voluntary basis in Grade 10 and upward for those considering university applications in the USA.


Step One:

A career guidance assessment administered in Grade 10, or later for those students who may join the school for the IBDP in Grade 11.