Teachers from Early Learning, elementary and secondary school levels work towards developing a balanced mathematics curriculum which emphasises foundational skills and processes, builds deep mathematical understandings and helps students to apply maths in powerful problem-solving experiences. The intellectually stimulating curriculum in which mathematics is taught both as a system of logic and as a body of competencies incorporates flexibility and creativity without neglecting our School’s duty to prepare our students for further study in their home countries or elsewhere. We recognize the individual nature and needs of each of our students and endeavour to meet these needs within the structure of the normal classroom setting. Hence students are treated individually within the guidelines of the total classroom and curriculum intentions.


The IGCSE Maths syllabus either at Core or Extended and the 3 levels of Maths available with the IBDP are considerably demanding and create a good base for a a future in Maths orientated university syllabi and careers. In Elementary, when IPC units are taught they augment the more formal structure of our curricula of Maths, which to the development of skills, reasoning tools, and the personal capacities to enjoy and appreciate mathematics.


Each of our students should leave ISB equipped with the abilities to use maths structures in their everyday lives. This includes using information and communication technologies, interactive software and calculators (also graphic display calculators, which are encouraged from Grade 8 onwards), to explore and work with mathematics while developing our students' abilities to handle data critically. As students identify relationships between maths concepts and everyday situations, thus making connections between maths and other subjects, they gain the ability to use maths to extend and apply their knowledge in curriculum areas such as science, music and language.


Maths teachers at ISB are members of the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation (ISMTF) and students participate in both junior and senior competitions. In 2014 they attended the junior competition in Vienna and the senior competition in London. Additionally they compete in the annual Australian Kangaroo Maths competition.


ISB is a STEM school, having been awarded the status 'MINT-EC Partner School' by MINT-EC das nationale Excellence-Netzwerk; one of only three schools in the State of Bremen and the first international school in Germany. This recognises the stress applied on Maths to enhance education.

(NB: MINT is the German equivalent to STEM)