Science teaching at ISB starts in Early Learning. The students look at Nature, how plants and animals grow and survive.


Beginning in Grade 1 and continuing throughout the next five grade levels the IPC offers children varied opportunities to become involved with basic science concepts, process oriented techniques and challenging problems for investigation. The curriculum is specially designed for the unique needs of children. It has an international perspective and is capable of being tailored to suit the needs of the individual needs of the students. It is inquiry based and integrated. The subject areas of mathematics, language, science and social studies are taught in a cross curricular perspective.


In Secondary School (Grades 6-8), the Science programme with the IMYC is broadly based whilst simultaneously being rigorous and challenging.


The school offers the IGCSE programme in (Grades 9-10) which allows students to encounter the three main sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The examination award is Combined Science, with two grades for Science.


In Grades 11 and 12 students can follow one or two of the three main sciences offered by the IBDP at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL).


Our facilities allow for considerable practical work and many field trips extend student theory. Our nearness to Bremen University encourages our students to utilise the facilities in university laboratories and work with professors at the cutting edge of scientific research.


ISB is a STEM school, having been awarded the status 'MINT-EC Partner School' by MINT-EC das nationale Excellence-Netzwerk; one of only three schools in the State of Bremen and the first international school in Germany. This recognises the stress applied on Science to enhance education.

(NB: MINT is the German equivalent to STEM)