Fundamental to the ethos of the school is the development of an English curriculum which allows students to develop their reading and writing skills to an advanced level. While recognizing the diversity of our students' familiarity with and understanding of English, the curriculum is designed to extend their experience and to develop a high level of literacy. The programme offers the opportunity to read and to think critically about a broad range of literary and non-literary text. In addition, students are encouraged to use and develop language in speech and writing to express themselves in a wide variety of forms. Students are taught to appreciate and reflect on cultural values expressed and implied in multi-cultural texts. They are encouraged to read widely for personal enjoyment, to share experiences with others and to develop a lifelong interest in literature. Emphasis is placed on the skills of planning and drafting written work in order to achieve an increasingly high degree of formal accuracy and sophistication.


In Grades 9 and 10 students work towards the Cambridge IGCSE English (First Language) and Literature, two separate courses taught simultaneously and addressing different but complementary skills. the programme demands that students communicate using very precise and eloquent language in both written and oral assessments. Equally, they study a series of set texts in preparation for an essay style examination at the end of Grade 10.


Ultimately, those students that have achieved the highest grades in English at IGCSE go on to take English A as part of the IB Diploma. Those non-native students with a high level of competency in English will take English B which is a more thematic based programme. Both courses can be studied at HL and SL. English B HL is a minimum requirement for German university entrance regulations. (See separate information)


Our aim is to support the rest of the curriculum by developing reading and writing skills that are required across the curriculum, to practice and perfect oral skills and to help all students achieve a high level of competency that will equip them for life.



English Support across the Curriculum (ESAC) is an integral part of the academic programme, and the department´s scope of responsibilities extends to answering the English language needs of the school´s international student community.


The ESAC programme is available to students from Early Learning III to Grade 9 and teachers in the ESAC department approach their educational and instructional goals with a maximum of flexibility and adaptability to serve the individual English language needs of their students.


At each grade level, the four weekly pull-out periods can be complimented with in-class support and extensive one-on-one sessions.


Based on the ESAC curriculum, students from non-English speaking backgrounds, who are deemed to need support are helped to develop their proficiency to a level to allow them to be successful in their use of oral, aural, written and reading skills in a social, academic and inter-cultural context.


ESAC lessons adhere to the principle of total immersion and preference is given to task-based activities.