Foreign Languages

ISB offers Native/Advanced and a Non-Native German Course, beginning at Grade 2. Spanish and French are taught from Grade 5. All programmes take into account the individual needs and abilities of the student. They incorporate a variety of student-centred learning methods and include a range of contemporary media.


Important aims are to advance the students’ communication skills and linguistic creativity as well as to promote their appreciation for and critical reflection of literature. The main focus lies on an integrated approach of the basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We strive to educate toward high academic standards. It is our desire that students attending the Advanced German classes should be able to succeed within the German school system in case of a necessary change.


The German, French and Spanish non-native programmes aim at enabling the students to communicate orally and in writing within a large range of real-life situations. In addition, the programmes expose students to the richness of these cultures.


The coursework in all languages in Grades 9 and 10 is designed to meet the demands of the IGCSE-examinations at the end of Grade 10.


In Grades 11 and 12 students can choose to study German, French and Spanish with the IBDP. German is offered as an A Language while French and Spanish only at B Language level.


Other Languages. Opportunities exist for students to study as self-taught languages both within IGCSE and IBDP. Recent languages include Farsi, Chinese, Russian Greek and Latin.