Information Computer Technology (ICT) is integrated throughout the whole school, beginning in Early Learning, and goes beyond formal computing lessons. In this modern world computer and associated technologies are expanding their influence in our daily lives, no example being more pervasive than our exposure to social media. There is also the ability to access unprecedented amounts of information, far more than can be assimilated in a single lifetime. The ethos of ICT in ISB is to embrace these new technologies, using them to maximum effect to enhance learning, but also ensuring that it is done selectively, safely and with an awareness of the social implications and responsibilities.


Resources include a dedicated computer lab, along with computer trolleys for classroom use, and research based computers in the Library. Smart-phones are used when and where appropriate. Students also have access to digital cameras, digital video and sound recorders: students frequently produce their own or group digital presentations.


BOYD is encouraged but not required. Algebraic graphic calculators are a must for all students in Grade 8 and above: the school will advise which models are recommended by the examination boards.


Early Learning. With a suite of iPads our youngest students begin by accessing in-school information, playing educational games and producing simple on screen text and artistic creations. It is noticeable that these activities are so readily and easily adopted by our youngest students.


Elementary students begin by developing basic keyboarding and mouse skills, learning the basic elements of a web search and are also introduced to both the safety and social issues associated with internet use. Before moving on to their secondary education they will have been taught basic word processing and presentation skills and be familiar with formatting text and images.


Secondary students develop their use of software for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and art; predominantly through the use of commercial software, currently the Microsoft Office suite. They also use computer linked scientific instruments, create digital media, rationalise their searches for web based information, are given extensive guidance on using the internet safely and are encouraged to recognise their responsibilities when using social media. Our IB Diploma students should be able to present their essays in a creditable format.


European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)

ECDL / ICDL are the international standards in end-user computer skills. They are are acknowledged as high-quality, internationally recognised certification designed, validated, and approved by academic and international experts from around the world.


ISB is able to offer access to the ECDL programme.


ISB is a STEM / MINT school, having been awarded the status 'MINT-EC Partner School' by MINT-EC das nationale Excellence-Netzwerk; one of only three schools in the State of Bremen and the first international school in Germany. This recognises the stress applied on ICT to enhance education. (NB: MINT is the German equivalent to STEM)




About the ECDL