Physical Education

The school has a large gymnasium, a dance studio and can utilise the adjacent University outdoor sports facilities.

Early Learning & Elementary

Movement and play are very important in children’s lives, critical to all aspects of their growth and development. Research has shown that students who participate in regular physical education will enjoy enhanced memory and learning, better concentration, and increased problem-solving abilities. The Physical Education programme of the ISB provides opportunities for all students to learn while being physically active. The children learn to enjoy a variety of movements in different activities and develop important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and good sportsmanship.


Motor skills of eye-hand coordination, hand-foot coordination, balance, and the development of spatial awareness are a focus. The children play tag, dodge ball, handball, and kickball and participate in specific skill development such as jumping, skipping, throwing, and catching. They engage in various individual activities to develop their physical fitness through running and chasing games and balance and coordination activities like jumping rope or using a hula-hoop


Within this age group all the basic forms of student’s abilities they have learned in the earlier years (walking, running, jumping, throwing etc.) are picked up and developed into more sportive activities. The balance between personal fitness and team activities is developed.


The following sports are offered at various times during the year and at different levels:

Badminton, basketball, fitness training, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, track and field, volleyball.


Outbound activities are encouraged within the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes. Many After School Sports Activities are offered but a few are offered at lunch break.